Waiver of Attorneys in Juvenile Court

We have completed our data collection for the project examining the waiver of counsel in juvenile court.

The use of room confinement in juvenile corrections

We are examining how juvenile correctional facilities reduce their use of room confinement, sometimes known as solitary confinement. 

Understanding the experience of immigration proceedings

We are designing several projects to examine the experiences of individuals who are going through immigration proceedings, both asylum and removal proceedings. One involves analyzing data about the flow of cases through the federal immigration court system. The second will investigate attorney's experiences in working with their clients during removal proceedings. The third will examine the network of resources for immigrants in several U.S. cities. 

Youth in Custody Practice Model evaluation

We currently direct the Data and Evaluation Component for the Youth in Custody Practice Model, an initiative of the Georgetown Center for Juvenile Justice Reform and the Council of Juvenile Corrections Administrators.