Psychometrist and Administrative Coordinator: Open Position

Psychometrist and Administrative Coordinator: Open Position
We are seeking an individual to join us as a psychometrist and administrative coordinator with the Biobehavioral Outcomes Core in the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. This position will involve coordinating a service that provides consultation as well as behavioral and psychological assessment for investigators conducting descriptive research and clinical trials with a wide variety of pediatric populations. A central part of this position will be completing neuropsychological and developmental assessments with research participants for a variety of studies based at NCH. These participants will vary widely in terms of age (infancy to adulthood), ability, and presenting medical conditions.  Although the candidate best suited for this position will have prior experience administering standardized psychological tests, additional training will be provided for completing specialized tests or other forms of behavioral assessment required by studies that establish contracts with the core for services. Prior experience working with children, in particular children with disabilities, will be valued. Experience with qualitative assessments, i.e., focus groups or qualitative interviews, or other forms of assessment is also welcome. The coordinator will manage the core’s schedule and complete monthly billing reports as well as assist the core directors in the training and supervision of part-time staff. Finally, he or she will attend meetings to provide support for research teams developing new protocols and work with the core directors on the development of new services.


1. Administer and score standardized psychological tests and other behavioral assessments
2. Coordinate scheduling of testing for participants from multiple projects
3. Contribute to the training and supervision of part-time research assistants providing core services
3. Maintain testing materials and protocols
4. Generate quotes to investigators for new services
5. Complete monthly billing reports
6. Maintain good rapport with patients and families as well as collaborating staff
Minimum Requirements:
1.   Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in applicable field, e.g., Psychology or another behavioral science, withrelevant experience working with children
2.   Prior training or experience administering standardized psychological tests and behavioral assessments
3.   Ability to function independently, to make decisions, and to be a self-starter
4.   Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
5.   Team player, with good interpersonal skills, that will work well with research participants and co-workers
Interested applicants should apply directly on the NCH jobs site: