project manager

We are searching for a project manager. Interested applications should apply at Please contact Tanya Marie Luhrmann for more information. 


Project manager for a three year project combining anthropological and psychological methods with researchers in multiple countries on the topic "Spiritual curiosity and the experience of God." The project manager will take responsibility for managing all data, following up translations and transcriptions, making sure that material is entered and coded, and preparing survey data for statistical analysis. The project manager will participate in data coding and analysis, taking primary responsibility for the first pass through coding and statistical comparison and preparing weekly summaries of work accomplished for the research team. The project manager will keep track of whether postdoctoral fellows and other researchers are uploading fieldnotes, interviews and other data into the shared databank. Knowledge about evangelical Christianity in particular and religion in general would be helpful. 

Perform work to support research or develop public programs and policies requiring continuous exercising of independent initiative and judgment. Provide guidance to less experienced colleagues.


* Assist in designing experiments, exercising independent initiative and judgment gained from completing a variety of high level assignments, including activities such as defining variables, formulating hypotheses, and selecting subjects, sources of information, or planned and coordinating experimental protocols.
* Adapt or work out the details of new, nonstandard procedures, with the supervisor providing only general guidance and suggestions.
* Interpret, synthesize, and analyze data using scientific or statistical techniques.
* Solve problems, and make decisions which affect the direction of the research and result in independent contributions to the overall project.
* Select and apply standard calculations and formulas independently to compile data or process documents; often serve as a resource for research methods and numerical analyses.
* Co-author research publications and regulatory reports as needed.
* Complete project-related administrative and budgetary responsibilities of a limited scope as needed.
* Supervise staff or students as needed, including oversight and instruction on techniques, as well as consultation on project work.

* - Other duties may also be assigned