RightEye Summer Research Intern

Position Description

RightEye Summer Research Intern


RightEye is looking for a summer research intern to be part of our fast growing team for summer 2016. Qualifications include an undergraduate concentration in the area of neuropsychology, sport science, motor learning, psychology, education or related area. Candidates must have a firm interest in and general knowledge of all aspects of research methodology. They must also be comfortable with technology. The individual will work within a group of subject matter experts with a variety of areas of expertise.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Data collection

  • Data organization

  • Assisting in the recruiting of subjects

  • Attend project meetings

  • Any and all other duties as assigned by the Chief Science Officer

    Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree, (preferred upper level) undergraduate student, or master’s student concentrating in neuroscience, psychology, education, kinesiology, sports science, or any other related areas

Preferred Skills

  • Excellent communication

  • Highly organized

  • Comfortable with technology

  • A strong desire to contribute to research

    Additional Information

Incentives: working with a small team of other research students; guaranteed reference letter and resume contact reference; could be named as a contributor to published work; extensive research experience in a dynamic, collaborative, and exciting work environment in only a short amount of time

  • Orientation will be held June 1st – 3rd and data collection will continue from June 6th – July 29th

  • Expected to work 40 hours per week

  • Salary will be $1,700 for the summer

  • This position requires the person to relocate if not local

  • Car preferable

  • Candidates do not need to have eye tracking specific experience. However, experience in

    biofeedback of some kind is desirable but not mandatory


General Company Information can be found at www.righteye.com

RightEye uses eye-tracking technology to track precise eye movements and measure visual skills and health providing a comprehensive report on over 30 aspects of vision. Think of it like a blood test for your eyes. Then with eye-tracking therapy improve daily living including learning, work, sport and driving. RightEye is located in Bethesda, Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C.

Please email resume along with any additional questions you have to Remy Tabano at the address: remy@righteye.com