School of Nursing and Psychology at Emory University

Post-Bac Research Assistant Needed


Researchers in the School of Nursing and Psychology at Emory University are hiring a full time research assistant for a newly funded NIH project on prenatal stress and infant development.  The position will involve administering infant developmental measures including the Brazelton and Bayley Scales to African American infants ages 1 week to 18 months of age.  This position requires that you own a car and drive as a team to participants' homes in the greater metropolitan Atlanta area. A degree in Psychology or Infant Development, or experience with the Brazelton and Bayley Scales is preferred. In addition, strong interpersonal and communicative skills as well as excellent attention to detail are required for this position

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor's degree in a scientific field and two years of research experience, or equivalent combination of experience, education, and training.


PREFERRED QUALITIES: Experience in standardized testing with children.  Experience working with newborns or infants.  Energetic and organized.  Willing to commit to position for two years.



For more information or to apply for the position, please send your CV to


Patricia Brennan, PhD
Department of Psychology
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322