Research Assistant Position in the Brain Development Laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin

Research Assistant Position in the Brain Development Laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin.


We are broadly interested in how the brain changes over development and in individual differences (including disability) in brain organization. Research in the lab is focused on the neural basis of (1) reading and language, (2) mathematical cognition, (3) executive function and (4) cross-cultural differences. For more information about the lab go to:

Qualifications and competencies include some mixture of the following: (1) Bachelors degree; (2) Background knowledge in developmental processes, cognitive/linguistic science, brain anatomy/function, experimental design and/or statistics; (3) Knowledge of computer software (office, reference, statistical, experiment generation and/or neuroimaging); (4) Good communication and interpersonal skills with children, teachers and parents; (5) Independent, motivated, responsible and organized.

Duties include some mixture of the following, depending on qualifications and competencies: (1) Developing stimuli for cognitive experiments; (2) Participant recruitment; (3) Administering cognitive experiments and standardized ability/achievement testing; (4) Collecting neuroimaging data; (5) Analyzing cognitive and neuroimaging data; (6) Participating in writing articles for publication; (7) Mentoring undergraduate students or research assistants.

If you are interested, please apply by 06/01/2015 (or earlier) to posting number 15-04-15-01-4009 at, and include (1) Letter of interest outlining how your experience and goals fit with the lab, (2) Resume, (3) Names and contact information of three references. Position start date is flexible.

For more information, please feel free to contact: James R. Booth (; John T. Jones, Jr. Centennial Professorship in Communication; Chair, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders; CMA 4.114; The University of Texas at Austin; 2504A Whitis Ave: Austin, TX, 78712.