RA positions (4) at Child Mind Institute, New York City

Dear Ms. Hoxter, There are currently two 2-year RA positions available at the Nathan Kline Institute in Rockland County, New York and one 2-year RA position available at the Child Mind Institute in New York City. We would greatly appreciate it if you would post this to your graduating seniors. JOB OPPORTUNITIES FOR GRADUATING SENIORS Applications are currently being invited for 2 two-year Clinical Research Assistants and 1 two-year Electronic Medical Record Research Assistant available under the direction of Dr. Michael Milham. The Clinical Research Assistant positions are available at the Nathan S. Kline Institute (NKI) in Rockland County, NY and the EMR Research Assistant position is available at the Child Mind Institute in New York City. For further details and information on how to apply, please visit the following two links: CHILD MIND INSTITUTE The Child Mind Institute (CMI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming mental health care for children everywhere. We are committed to finding more effective treatments for childhood psychiatric and learning disorders, building the science of healthy brain development, and empowering families with help, hope and answers. https://home.eease.adp.com/recruit/?id=4191711NATHAN KLINE INSTITUTE The NKI is focused on understanding the impact of psychiatric illnesses on developmental processes utilizing innovative MRI-based imaging approaches to characterize brain maturation across the lifespan. Additionally, the NKI is dedicated to the support of open-datasharing initiatives, such as the 1000 Functional Connectomes Project and the International Neuroimaging Data-sharing Initiative. Please go to: http://rfmh.iapplicants.com/ 1. Click on Search Jobs 2. Please click on the job opening for: · Job Title: Clinical Research Assistant - 2 Positions (Center for Biomedical Imaging and Neuromodulation) · Employment Type: Full Time · Division/ Department: Nathan Kline Institute · Location: Orangeburg, NY · Closing Date: March 11, 2015