Summer Internship, Gopnik Cognitive Development Lab at UC Berkeley

Summer Undergraduate Research Internship at the Gopnik Cognitive Development Lab at the University of California, Berkeley


The Gopnik Cognitive Development Lab at UC Berkeley led by Dr. Alison Gopnik is happy to announce the third year of our summer research internship program. 


The internship will run from May 15th until August 16th (dates are flexible depending on when your spring semester ends and fall semester begins).  We are accepting applications now through Friday, April 3rd.  Please note that this internship is unpaid. 


Our Research:  Our lab explores how children create intuitive theories about the world, other people, and themselves.  We are particularly interested in how children come to understand the causal structure of their physical and social environment (i.e. how certain events make other events occur).  Our current projects investigate the role of children’s causal learning in imitation, trait attribution, pretense, explanation, pedagogy, and free will.  More information about our lab can be found at   


Our Summer Internship Program:  The summer research internship is for dedicated and motivated undergraduate students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in developmental psychology or a related field.  Interns will work closely with a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow assisting them on all aspects of the research process.  Interns will help with experimental and stimuli design, recruiting participants and collecting data, analyzing data, and literature reviews.  Interns will meet regularly with their mentors to discuss the theoretical motivations of the studies they are working on as well as the findings of other empirical papers both related to the studies in the lab and important to the field in general.  Interns will also meet with their mentors more casually to ask them questions about their experience in the field and to receive guidance on their own future plans.  The internship will culminate with an undergraduate research colloquium in which interns will give a talk or present a poster on the work they did throughout the summer. 


Interns will be expected to work about 30 hours per week including weekends.  Prior research experience is appreciated though not required.  Experience working with children either formally or informally is essential.



How to Apply:  If you would be interested in applying, please send the following information to our Lab Manager, Rosie Aboody ( with the subject line “Summer Internship.”

  1.  A brief cover letter explaining your interest in the internship, experience working with children, relevant coursework, and research experience (if you have prior experience).
  2. Resume highlighting your experience working with children and your research experience (if you have prior experience).
  3. Unofficial Transcript
  4. Name, Title/Position, and Contact Information of a person who would be willing to be a reference
  5. Tentative weekly availability for the summer detailing the hours you will generally be available Mon. – Sun. (please do not include unavailable hours).

If you have any questions about the application and/or selection process, please contact Rosie Aboody.