Summer Internship at Child's Play, Learning and Development Lab, University of Delaware







            The Child’s Play, Learning and Development Lab invites graduating seniors and undergraduate students to apply for an unpaid summer internship. Our laboratory, funded by federal grants, focuses on how children learn language, early mathematical and spatial concepts, and the benefits of playful learning.  This is an ideal way to gain research experience for students thinking of going on in a variety of fields such as psychology, speech pathology, and medicine.   While there are no specific requirements, you must like children and be an eager learner and responsible individual. 


Why you should apply:


Working at the Child’s Play Lab will allow you to experience, first hand, how research is conducted. You will learn about research methods, participant recruitment, data collection, data coding, and data entry. Additionally, we will hold weekly lab meetings where we discuss cutting-edge research in developmental cognition. Prior interns have found their lab experience with us very important for their training.




1.     Some background in psychology or a related field.

2.     Basic computer skills.

3.     Must be able to commit at least 20-30 hours/week for 8 weeks between June and August.


To Apply:


Complete and send the attached application form along with all requested materials to the Laboratory Coordinators, Natalie Brezack ( and Maya Marzouk (, no later than May 1, 2015. We will review applications on a rolling basis.





Please contact the Laboratory Coordinators Natalie Brezack ( and Maya Marzouk ( Find us online at







Application to be a Summer Intern at the Child’s Play, Learning and Development Lab

University of Delaware

Dr. Roberta Golinkoff


Please submit your resume, your unofficial university transcript with this application form.  Please arrange to have a letter of recommendation sent to us by email.



University, Degree, Major, and Year in Program:


GPA in Psychology:


Language(s) Spoken and Proficiency (Novice, Intermediate, Fluent, Native):


Coursework in Psychology and/or Linguistics?


Computer Skills and Proficiency (Novice, Intermediate, Expert):

Mac:   ___             Microsoft Word:   ___               Microsoft Excel: _____

SPSS:   ___          Web/Photo Programs:   ___    Super Coder: _____     


Other Technical Skills:


Have you had previous experience in research?



Please provide the following information for each research experience:

Previous Supervisor:

Supervisor’s Email:

Work period:

Your duties:


What do you hope to get out of a research experience?




Any experience with infants or young children? If so, please describe.



What areas of psychology most interest you? Be as broad or specific as you like.




What are your post-graduation plans?