University of Birmingham

We are recruiting for new psychology faculty at the University of Birmingham. We are very keen to target people in Lifespan Development – covering all phases of development from infancy to old age, as well as typical and atypical development.
We have a strong group of developmental psychologists here at Birmingham, and the city is an excellent place to conduct developmental research with a very large and diverse population. We already have excellent connections with local schools and museums as well as with clinical groups through the CEREBRA group. We have a well equipped infant and child lab with facilities for EEG, eye tracking, and observation rooms.
The individual research interests of developmental psychologists here are varied, but we also enjoy productive collaborations. Please feel free to contact any of us, if you would like to discuss the posts.

On behalf of:
Ian Apperly (social cognition, mental flexibility)
Sarah Beck (counterfactual thinking, problem solving, imagination)
Stephanie Burnett Heyes (adolescence, social cognition, social networks)
Andrea Krott (language acquisition, neuroscience of language processing)
Chris Oliver (neurodevelopmental disorders)
Claudio Tennie (culture, cooperation)