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Below please find the job description for an open position at the Seattle research organization foundry10.

Job Description:

We believe that learning emerges in many different ways including those that are not always traditionally recognized.  Our programs and research projects approach student learning through a different lens.  We are building a cross-disciplinary research team and are looking for creative people who have interesting questions to ask about learning and education.   We are a privately funded organization that is philanthropic in nature. Our research positions provide a great opportunity for applied work with children up through adults.  We are looking for people who can bring value to the larger educational community through their work and who are both willing, and excited about stepping out of traditional boundaries when thinking about education and learning.

We are interested in individuals who can develop research projects that examine a range of areas in learning including creative thinking, cognition, student voice, metacognition, transfer of knowledge and design thinking.  These approaches can take many forms such as evaluating the impact of education policy on student learning, creating novel methods for measuring learning in the arts, evaluating the economic and / or social impact of student outreach programs at the city / state level, developing ethnographies of novel approaches teachers are using to educate their students, etc.  Our flexible environment enables researchers to design and run their own studies, work collaboratively with other institutions as well as private companies.  Foundry10 is a leading organization in the effort to understand and create better learning environments for students of all ages.  Our belief is that learning does not have to take a particular form, and in many cases, the most valuable learning happens outside of schools.  In pursuit of this, we take a multi-faceted approach that includes research studies, program design and implementation, and supporting educators that are taking an innovative and non-traditional approach.

This is no small undertaking, and to make a meaningful difference, we need a diverse and high powered team of individuals.  We are always seeking hard workers with a passion for learning, both in themselves and others.  Foundry10 people thrive in a fast-moving environment, and seek new challenges while continuing to further their knowledge of their own field.  Our research moves quickly and people who thrive in a fast-paced, open-structured environment are one of our greatest assets.

This is a full-time position, located in Seattle, WA.  We offer a competitive salary and benefits package.

As a researcher at foundry10, you will have a variety of opportunities including:

The flexibility to design and run a variety of projects both within and across subject areas
Opportunities to do research that really creates value for individuals and institutions without the constraints present in many academic institutions or for-profit organizations
Leading discussions and sharing research within your field as well as with lay-people in the educational community
Contributing ideas from your field and previous experiences across a multitude of projects
Representing foundry10 at conferences, within publications and face-to-face with a variety of community partners
Develop interesting questions regarding learning and education in a space that values and supports the idea that learning is a broad and interesting topic
A competitive applicant will have the following qualifications:

A Ph.D., or Master’s degree with equivalent professional experience, in psychology economics, social work, sociology, anthropology, behavioral science or related fields.
Strong background in quantitative methodology with experience working with qualitative data a plus
Knowledge and ability work with SPSS, R, or other statistical software packages
Independent, open minded, intuitive, and eager to contribute to conversations across many subject areas
Can come up with interesting questions regarding student learning and education
Strong interpersonal communication skills
The ability to work in a fast-paced environment and respond to issues in a timely fashion
If you would like to be a part of our growing and innovative company, please submit your cover letter and resume to

A cover letter discussing your interest in learning and research
A resume or CV
A sample of your writing
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Tom Swanson
Organization Growth & Outreach