Research Deputy Director and a Research Associate

I'm hiring a Research Deputy Director and a Research Associate for my team. 




The Council for a Strong America (CSA) is seeking an experienced researcher /writer to be the Deputy Director of our Research team. The Deputy Director will find, collect, evaluate, synthesize and write up research demonstrating the effectiveness of investments in children and youth. We are seeking a highly organized, skilled and creative individual to join our team. We produce a high volume of briefs and reports on what works to help children succeed. Our members--law enforcement leaders, admirals and generals, business leaders, faith leaders and elite athletes and coaches--present these publications to the press at events across America. The publications are also distributed to key federal and state policymakers during meetings with our members.


The Council for a Strong America (CSA) is seeking a Research Associate to join our Research team. We consistently produce impressive state and national reports and briefs in support of evidence-based programs that help give at-risk children a better start in life. During the past three years, the CSA Research team has produced 80-100 reports or briefs each year. They were released at press events in more than 40 states and at national media events, reaching audiences of up to 50 million. Council for a Strong America is looking for a research specialist who can build on its past successes and achieve even stronger results in the future. An ideal candidate should have at least two+ years experience in critically reviewing research to extract useful data and draw solid conclusions.  We are seeking candidates who excel in written communication, including experience writing for policy makers or the public /lay media.  The candidate should be conversant with research methods and statistics and be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.