Office of Forensic Mental Health Services, Olympia, Washington

The Office of Forensic Mental Health Services is a new office within BHA and all three positions listed below are new as well.  This Office will be a central point within the state to lead our efforts to improve the forensic mental health system in Washington State.   Key functions for this new office include: oversight of forensic evaluation services, assistance for hospitals and community agencies to implement best and promising practices with regard to forensic treatment, and coordination of service delivery across the diverse group of partners in the forensic mental health system.  Key goals include the timely provision of appropriate, quality forensic mental health services to the people we serve.


These positions will be headquartered in Olympia, Washington the state capital.  Olympia is at the lower southern end of Puget Sound about an hour south of the Seattle metro area.  Centrally located, Olympia is an hour away from the Pacific Ocean and about the same from both the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges.  For those who enjoy the outdoors, within 20 minutes in any direction there are opportunities for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, climbing and boating.  


More information about the management positions we are recruiting for can be found at the following links: 

DSHS Forensic Services Workforce Development Administrator

DSHS Forensic Services Quality Manager

DSHS Forensic Services Director