Casa de Esperanza - research associate

This would be a great opportunity for a fellow community psychologist who enjoys combining research and practice on the ground in Latino communities. Please share widely and feel free to email me directly if you have any questions.

Here is a little bit about Casa de Esperanza's National team:

We are the national institute on domestic violence focusing on Latin@ communities. As a leading, national Latin@ organization, Casa de Esperanza puts community at the center of everything we do. Founded in 1982 to provide emergency shelter for Latinas and other women and children experiencing domestic violence, today, we continue providing critical and innovative services and support in our Minnesota Twin Cities communities, ranging from family advocacy and shelter services to leadership development and community engagement opportunities for Latin@ youth, women and men, to informing the work of the National Latin@ Network to shape public policy, research, and best practices in the field. The National Latin@ Network provides training and consultations to practitioners and activists throughout the US, as well as in Latin America. We organize national and regional events. We engage in federal and state public policy advocacy and conduct research on issues that affect Latin@s in the US and abroad.

And the research team:
As the leading national Latin@ domestic violence organization, Casa de Esperanza is committed to research and evaluation that promotes social justice in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault. The National Latin@ Research Center on Family and Social Change is one of the cornerstones of this work and prioritizes research and evaluation methods that elevate the voices and realities of Latin@ communities. The center’s work is complemented by an advisory council of nationally recognized researchers and academics with extensive expertise in a variety of fields of specific relevance to Latin@ communities.




Research - National Latino Network
The National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities is a project of Casa de Esperanza that builds bridges and connections among research, practice and ...

The job description here and attached: