M.A. in Community Psychology, U. Mass.-Lowell

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Do you have some students interested in social justice issues and wanting to pursue graduate education in community psychology?


As we are preparing to host the Biennial in June, we are also recruiting new Master’s students for next Fall. If you know students still looking to enroll in a wonderful  graduate program, please let them know that the Master’s Program in Community Social Psychology (CSP) at UMass Lowell still has a few openings. I have attached some additional information.  You may also visit our website (http://www.uml.edu/FAHSS/Psychology/Graduate/Community-Social-Psychology/default.aspx). Note that we typically like candidates to have at least 12 undergraduate credits in Psychology, including some background in psychological/social science research methods. We require the GRE (or Miller’s Analogies Test) and at least a 3.0 undergraduate GPA, and look for a strong statement of purpose and three strong reference letters.


Application materials can be accessed through the Graduate Admissions Office website (http://www.uml.edu/grad/). We accept year-round applications, but we award a small number of competitive graduate assistantships in May, so interested students may want to apply soon!


Please send some of your favorite students our way—it’s an exciting time to be at UMass Lowell!


Andy Hostetler