U. Chicago M.A. Program in the Social Sciences (MAPSS)

Dear Colleague,

I write because you have previously recommended an outstanding applicant for the University of Chicago’s M.A. Program in the Social Sciences (MAPSS). Our one-year program is an excellent choice for persons who seek a rigorous, intellectually transformative experience, clarifying their commitments while preparing for doctoral and professional paths.

If you have other students who would be strong candidates, we would be very interested in hearing from them. Please do not hesitate to forward this note, or simply contact me with the details and I will follow up to encourage their application. Our final admission deadline is April 30.

What makes MAPSS distinct:
Unlike other M.A. programs, MAPSS is highly competitive for admission; it offers students access to nearly all graduate courses in all Divisions and professional schools; it allows students to work directly with members of the regular faculty on the thesis; it offers merit aid right up to full tuition; and it is structured in such a way that students are not competing with one another for faculty attention or program support.

To our knowledge, there is no other M.A. program anywhere in the world that reliably places so many of its graduates in funded doctoral programs. Each year, we send 55-70 students on for the Ph.D. Over the past 10 years, our success rate for funded Ph.D. placements has consistently been 90%. There are over 100 MAPSS graduates now pursuing the Ph.D. at UChicago alone.

Fully 2/3 of our graduates opt for professional careers. Unusually for an M.A. program, we have a dedicated, in-house Career Services Director who brings recruiters to campus; distributes weekly digests with job openings and alumni contacts; leads all of the usual preparation workshops; and develops innovative programming with alumni-in-residence, externships, short-term consulting partnerships, and more.

Finally, our completion rate is off-the-charts: 80% of our entering students earn the degree within 12 months, and 90% within 15 months.

More information on our program can be seen here:

Any interested applicants are encouraged to contact our Student Affairs Administrator, E.G. Enbar (egenbar@uchicago.edu773-702-8312), with questions.