International MA Program in Child Development for Developing Countries

We wish to share with you an update about our International MA Program in Child Development for Developing Countries.  This program was designed for students who come from developing countries with very low income, but we also encourage students from developed countries as well as newly industrialized countries (NIC) to join us as well, especially those interested in developing a unique expertise in working with child related issues, services, and policies in the developing world.

Training a cadre of child development professionals and policy leaders in the developing world is of the utmost urgency, as there is a pressing need to improve the lives of children around the world. In response to this need, the University of Haifa has launched The International MA Program in Child Development for Developing Countries, designed to increase the professional knowledge of childcare professionals who work with children.

We are pleased to inform you that the program opened in October 2014 with its first cohort of 27 highly-qualified students.  This year's class includes students from, Ghana, Nepal, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Liberia, Kenya, Myanmar, and Nigeria. We also have students from developed countries (e.g. Israel, The Netherlands, and USA) and newly industrialized countries (China, Chile, South Africa) who are interested in specializing in child development in developing countries.

This academic initiative brings talented students from diverse backgrounds – pediatrics, nursing, psychology, education, anthropology, sociology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, law, social work and social welfare, speech pathology and therapy – to make a substantial impact in their home countries in fields of education, welfare and healthcare.

We are approaching you and our colleagues in the area of human development, hoping that you find the program of interest and that you can share the attached documents with potential candidates and organizations in your country. 

We open now registration for the second cohort who will begin the course of studies this coming October 2015. 

The program is taught in English and collaborates with the Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center, Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Israel.

 Enclosed please find a number of related documents with detailed information about the program, including course descriptions, prerequisites, and more. For those interested, the application deadline is March 31, 2015.

For more information, prospective candidates may visit our website at: or send email to us.

We hope you can help us circulate this information among various organizations that may find this program of interest to them.

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