Dr. Roberta M. Golinkoff




Dr. Roberta Golinkoff at the University of Delaware is looking for a post-doctoral researcher to join her team for an IES-funded project on the efficacy of different instructional techniques in teaching preschool children spatial skills, especially as related to early mathematics.


The post-doctoral fellow will be working with the project coordinator to facilitate the completion of the research project, taking place in preschools around northern Delaware.  Specific responsibilities will be to ensure the collection of high-quality data, promote close adherence to the established research protocol, and ensure fidelity across testing sites (University of Delaware and Temple University).  The project also has a technological component and the post-doctoral fellow will work with programmers to design and improve a tablet-based app.  The researcher will be responsible for analyzing data, creating lab publications and conference presentations, and assisting junior members of the lab in carrying out their own projects and completing presentations.  There are many opportunities for publications on this and related projects in this very active lab.


Other duties will include working with preschool administrators to recruit for the study and providing oversight of the full-time project manager.  In addition to helping to train and supervise junior lab members, the researcher will cultivate a team orientation and foster a high degree of professionalism among laboratory members.


The post-doctoral researcher will coordinate closely with Dr. Golinkoff in developing new projects and charting the appropriate course of work for the lab as a whole.  The researcher will participate in, and often lead, reading groups and research meetings to address issues as they arise in the lab. The post-doctoral fellow also attends conferences and meetings with our Temple University counterparts.


The appointment is for one year with renewal possible, contingent on performance.  The position offers full, excellent benefits (including dental, medical, and vision).  The expected start date is negotiable but no later than August 15, 2016.


To apply for this position, please send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and the names and contact information for your three recommenders to Brian N. Verdine at  Please also have your three recommenders send their letters there as well.