Center for the Study of Child Care Employment at Berkeley:

Center for the Study of Child Care Employment at Berkeley:

Postdoctoral Scholar: This position offers collaborative and independent research opportunities at the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment, University of California, Berkeley. It is an opportunity to join an existing research group dedicated to conducting research and proposing policy solutions aimed at improving how our nation prepares, supports and rewards the early care and education workforce to ensure young children’s optimal development. The primary responsibilities will be directly related to a new initiative to provide current, state-by-state data about the early childhood workforce on a recurring basis. Its purpose is to sustain a focus on the early childhood workforce in public discourse and to assist advocates and policy makers in framing measurable policy goals to improve working environments and conditions of the workforce, as a critical component to achieving high quality early care and education for children across the country. The postdoctoral scholar will play a primary role in the research design and implementation of the project, and will include conducting and analyzing original research, and research based on existing data, and preparing material for biennial report and peer review publication. The successful candidate will work closely with research team in all aspects of the project and will also have the ability to work independently and lead aspects of the research; have excellent oral and written skills; and have a strong background in early childhood education, or workforce/labor research and policy.


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