Clinical Neuroscience & Development Lab, Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center

The Clinical Neuroscience & Development Laboratory at the Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center ( is seeking to 1 or 2 postdoctoral research positions to work on a new NIMH-funded project that will use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine the architecture of neural networks engaged for emotion regulation in typically-developing and depressed adolescents.  The postdocs will join a lab whose focus is to study developmental changes in brain structure/function across early adolescence to young adulthood and examine neural network function abnormalities in various early-life psychiatric disorders, including depression, AD/HD, and others.  This is a good opportunity for an applicant who has experience in either clinical psychology or computational neuroscience, who has particular interests in developing a career using functional neuroimaging research.  Specific postdoctoral duties would vary depending on skills and career development interests, ranging from gaining in depth experience with either the clinical aspects of the project (patient interviewing, clinical data collection, protocol management, and supervision of trained clinical research staff), fMRI data analysis skills (SPM, FSL and functional connectivity analyses of fMRI and structural brain datasets), or both.  Applicants should have a Ph.D. in Psychology, Neuroscience, or closely related field, solid understanding of statistical methods and experimental design, and promising clinical research experience.  The ideal candidate will come from a doctoral program that has provided a strong theoretical foundation in affective and/or cognitive neuroscience, familiarity or proficiency with fMRI methods, and competitive skills in either the clinical or analytic domains.  While data is being collected on this new project, the postdoc also will have access to several large, un-examined archival neuroimaging datasets with an expectation to work on studies consistent with those projects’ objectives.  Training will be provided in sophisticated data analysis techniques (i.e., independent component analysis, multi-modal analysis, etc.), and access to the Olin Center’s extensive data collection and analysis resources (e.g., fMRI, sMRI, DTI, EEG, genotyping, neuropsychological assessment).  The Olin NRC is a well-established clinical neuroscience center affiliated with Yale University with over 50 faculty, postdocs and research assistants.  Our mission is to conduct cutting-edge clinical and cognitive neuroscience research into the causes and treatment of psychiatric disorders.  The Olin Center is located on the grounds of The Institute of Living / Hartford Hospital, providing access to thousands of psychiatric patients each year treated in numerous clinical programs.  If interested, please send a statement of scientific interests, accomplishments and relevant skills, a CV, and contact information for at least 3 academic references including letters of recommendation if already available to Dr. Michael C. Stevens (, CNDLAB Director, Olin NRC, 200 Retreat Avenue, Hartford, CT  06106.