Post Doctoral Fellow Early Childhood Educa􏰀on Ins􏰀tute (ECEI), OU-Tulsa


Post Doctoral Fellow
Early Childhood Educa􏰀on Ins􏰀tute (ECEI)

POSITION INFORMATION: This posi􏰀on offers collabora􏰀ve and independent research opportuni􏰀es at the Early Childhood Educa􏰀on Ins􏰀tute (ECEI) at OU-Tulsa. It is an opportunity to join an exis􏰀ng research group dedicated to applied research in early childhood educa􏰀on, with a special focus on birth through age 3 popula􏰀ons and se􏰁ngs. The major responsibili􏰀es in- clude conceptualizing research ques􏰀ons based on ECEI’s exis􏰀ng data, analyzing data, preparing manuscripts suitable for publi- ca􏰀on in leading journals, collabora􏰀ng with ECEI staff and affiliates in preparing proposals for external funding and responding to RFPs. Successful candidate will lead and/or work closely with interdisciplinary staff/faculty/and student research teams in all aspect of research.

This posi􏰀on is a one-year appointment. Upon sa􏰀sfactory performance, reappointment for addi􏰀onal years possible. This posi􏰀on is con􏰀ngent on the con􏰀nued availability of funds and sa􏰀sfactory performance.


  • Develop publica􏰀ons from exis􏰀ng ECEI databases. Become familiar with exis􏰀ng ECEI databases, generate research

    ques􏰀ons, analyze data, and dra􏰂 publica􏰀ons suitable for leading journals.

  • Technical support and advising. Provide technical support—methodological, sta􏰀s􏰀cal, and procedural—for projects con- ducted by ECEI staff and affiliates.

  • Develop independent line of research in collabora􏰀on with ECEI staff. Develops own line of inquiry relevant to ECEI’s ap- plied research.

  • Supervision/Task Delega􏰀on. Delegates tasks, as appropriate, among ECEI staff in order to carry out analyses and publica- 􏰀ons for the ECEI and Research Partners; mentors junior staff.

  • Leading and collabora􏰀ng with project teams. Leads and/or works closely with interdisciplinary staff/faculty/and student research teams in all aspect of research; collaborate in prepara􏰀on of proposals for external funding.

  • Par􏰀cipates in ECEI professional development ac􏰀vi􏰀es. Par􏰀cipates in ECEI professional development by a􏰃ending scheduled trainings, as directed, and by sharing exper􏰀se with staff and affiliates.

  • Par􏰀cipates in ECEI dissemina􏰀on ac􏰀vi􏰀es. Leads and par􏰀cipates in development of manuscripts for publica􏰀on. Devel- ops and delivers presenta􏰀ons at professional conferences.


  • Educa􏰀on: Candidates must have completed their doctoral degree in Early Childhood, Child Development, or related field.

  • Experience: Candidate should have interest and exper􏰀se in early childhood educa􏰀on research. Strong skills in quan􏰀ta- 􏰀ve analysis and success in peer-reviewed publica􏰀ons required.

    KNOWLEDGE/ SKILLS/ ABILITIES/ AND OTHER CHARACTERISTICS: Research and content exper􏰀se in early childhood educa- 􏰀on. Strong computer skills including ability to use sta􏰀s􏰀cal packages such as SPSS, SAS; proficiency in naviga􏰀ng and main- taining databases using EXCEL, ACCESS, or similar packages. Able to conduct a variety of advanced quan􏰀ta􏰀ve analyses inde- pendently, dra􏰂 manuscripts, and present research findings in oral and wri􏰃en forms. Must be able to conceptualize research ques􏰀ons, analyze data, and present findings suitable for professional publica􏰀on in leading journals. Ability to work and lead in a team environment including the ability to work independently and delegate as necessary. Demonstrated interpersonal skills; effec􏰀ve oral/wri􏰃en communica􏰀on skills required. Applicants with research interest and exper􏰀se in infant-toddler care and educa􏰀on and/or at-risk popula􏰀ons, including Dual Language Learners and children living in poverty, are especially desired. Spanish fluency preferred. Willing to work some nights and weekends to meet project demands. Must be able to travel overnight occasionally for tasks related to data collec􏰀on, analysis, or presenta􏰀on.

    To apply for this posi􏰀on, please visit: and choose the “Tulsa Campus Jobs” and “Search Lis􏰀ngs” for Requisi􏰀on Number 21836.