Postdoctoral Fellowship at Columbia on "Getting Ready for School" project

Child Health  

Position Title:Postdoctoral Research Scientist  

Department:8214- PFH HDPFH  

Department Number:8214  

Location:Medical Center  

Summary Description:The Heilbrunn Department of Population & Family Health, Mailman School of Public Health is a vibrant department of approximately 21 full-time faculty from a variety of professional backgrounds (public health, law, sociology, psychology, medicine, social work, demography) whose work focuses on domestic and global issues related to sexual/reproductive, adolescent, child and refugee health. Faculty in this largely grant-funded department engage in a unique combination of research, teaching and service activities. 
The Department seeks a Postdocotral Research Scientist/Scholar The "Getting Ready for School" (GRS) project is evaluating a novel school readiness program for disadvantaged Head Start children with two main innovations: (1) an integrated curriculum targeting early literacy, math, and self-regulation skills; and (2) a comprehensive approach that jointly supports the efforts of classroom teachers and parents. 
Starting in July 2015, the GRS team will conduct a systematic examination of parent engagement with the intervention delivered through workshops, web/ tablet platforms and through home-school communication. We are looking for a full-time postdoctoral research scientist/scholar to oversee the project. 
Incumbent will perform the following functions: 
--Oversee the work of classroom coaches and parent facilitators. 
--Conduct training at participating sites. 
--Run parent groups at a participating sites. 
--Oversee data collection and database management. 
--Prepare manuscripts and grant submissions in collaboration with project directors. 
--Provide overall research support to the project as needed to work on the "Getting Ready for School" (GRS) Project.  

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Candidate will have access to training opportunities at Teachers College and Columbia University Medical Center.