Postdoctoral Fellowship, Law and Psychology Program, Drexel University

Hiring: Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Faculty Member
Position to Commence in Summer 2015

Law and Psychology Program, Department of Psychology, Drexel University, Philadelphia

The Department of Psychology at Drexel University is hiring for a two-year postdoctoral fellow or research faculty position to commence in Summer 2015. This position is funded by Dr. Naomi Goldstein’s research program, which is supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice/Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, School Justice Collaboration Program: Keeping Kids in School and Out of Court. The postdoctoral fellow/research faculty member will have a primary role in evaluating the Philadelphia School Police Diversion Program, which was recently implemented in all 240 Philadelphia public schools and involves cross-system collaboration among Philadelphia’s juvenile justice stakeholders.

The School Police Diversion Program aims to divert the flow of youth from the school-to-prison pipeline by reducing rates of school-based arrests and disciplinary actions in the School District of Philadelphia, eliminating racial disparities in these outcomes, and providing access to prevention services. Initial outcomes indicate success in meeting the primary goal–the number of school-based arrests for the first half of this academic year is down 60% from the number of arrests during the same time period last academic year, prior to program implementation.

We seek a candidate with a doctoral degree in Public Health, Psychology, Criminal Justice, or a related discipline. The ideal candidate will have strong quantitative skills and the excellent interpersonal skills needed for successful collaboration with juvenile justice stakeholders.

Responsibilities include overseeing the research team for this project and coordinating with partner agencies. In addition, the postdoctoral fellow/research faculty member will help develop and carry out data analysis plans, create data collection instruments, work with partner agencies to implement data collection and verify ongoing fidelity, communicate with IRBs and approval agencies, and complete required progress reports to the court and funding agency. This individual will also play a key role in program dissemination to and trainings for juvenile justice stakeholders in other jurisdictions. The postdoctoral fellow/research faculty member will collaborate on related publications, presentations, and grant proposals.

The postdoc fellow/research faculty member will gain experience working with the Police Department, Family Court, School District, Department of Human Services, District Attorney and Public Defenders’ Offices, and community provider agencies. This individual will receive mentorship in applied juvenile justice research, policy work, and grant writing.

The salary for this position is $50,000 plus benefits.
April 15, 2015, please send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae to Naomi Goldstein, Ph.D., Co-

Director of the Law and Psychology Program in Drexel’s Department of Psychology:

Drexel University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and is proactively committed to diversity and inclusion in all of its policies, practices and services. We are especially interested in qualified candidates who can contribute to the diversity and excellence of our academic community.